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Here are some audio files of radio performances which I've picked up along the way.
Please click on the advert on the right before you download the file. I get paid per click and this offsets my costs, and not only that, they have some great free software.
Please feel free to right click and save as (It saves my bandwidth if you only download each file once).

Link Type Size Description
ZJB Radio Montserrat mp3 41.8Mb
Otway in Montserrat talking about the plans for the new album to be recorded on the island.
Off the Page mp3 24.6Mb
(26' 57")
Dominic Arkwright chairs the lively discussion series. 1/6: Failure. Musician John Otway, journalist Amanda Platell and sports writer Jim White talk about an uncomfortable subject.
From BBC Radio 4, Wednesday 05 December 2007
Six Music mp3 51.4Mb
(56' 09")
A recording of one of Otways gigs. Tracklisting: Really Free; Misty Mountain; Bluey Green; We Know What She's Doing; Beware of The Flowers; House Of The Rising Sun; Josephine; Photograph; Willy in the Air; You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet; Best Dream; Headbutts; Cheryl's Going Home.
BBC Scotland mp3 4.0 Mb
(4' 22")
Excerpt from Radio Cafe Broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland 20-2-06 where John chats about the the world tour
Johnny Walker mp3 16.5 Mb
(18' 06")
John chats to Johnny Walker about his career and the plans for the World Tour.


mp3 54.8 Mb
(59' 58")
Our hero appeared on DeXter Bentley's Hello Goodbye Show. The recording is an hour long and includes some rare material and some done live on air. In the show John talks about his career, from the early years including the hits and the flops, it even mentions the (then) forthcoming World Tour.
The show was originally available from the ResonanceFM archive, but has now been pruned to make way for more recent shows. I have their permission to host it for your listening pleasure.
Thanks go to ResonanceFM for their help and cooperation. The show is © copyright ResonanceFM and must not be reproduced without their permission.
The Intel Advert mp3 905 Kb
An advert for Centrino technology featuring John singing a version of Really Free.
Dream Ticket Real Audio

2.82 Mb
(19' 45")

Otway and the Big Band on BBC Radio 6 Dream Ticket. The program is no longer available from the BBC archive, so I have uploaded the Otway part of the show as Real Audio.

Edited Big Booth

mp3 6.89 Mb
(7' 31")
Songs and sketches with stand-up comic Boothby Graffoe and his comedy side-kicks including John and Richard. They perform Beware of the Flowers and accompany the host on his new version of the national anthem. This is just the Otway bits.