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Welcome to the John Otway Archive. On these pages you will find information and files about John Otway (and probably the Big Band too).
I don't intend to duplicate files which are held elsewhere, so I have a page of links for you to go to where you will find more Otway stuff. I am also putting a few of my own pictures here for you to look at. If you have an Otway page or site and would like to be included in my links, drop me an .

On this site, you will find the latest news about our microstar and the fan club.In addition to the lyrics for some of Otway's songs. Also, there is a new work in progress with the Otway Glossary which explains the meaning of some of the references in the songs. The Otway Cinema is being refurbished and will return soon with some new clips.

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The World Tour.
In true Otway style, the World Tour was cancelled. Further details; CTT Letter, Richard's letter, Air Tahiti letter.

John and three hundred of his fans planned to be travelling the world with the Big Band and playing some of the world's most famous venues. Starting at The Cavern in Liverpool and visiting New York, Las Vegas, Tahiti, Sydney, Shanghai, Dubai and finally returning to London; this should have been a once in a lifetime trip for those lucky enough to go. If you use Google Earth, you can see the itinerary with the file I've made here. More information. - Brochure(pdf)

The Cube
John Otway burst onto the small screen with the launch of The Cube at 8:00pm on Wednesday, May 14th 2003. The fifteen minute programme was broadcast on Sky Channel 687, and a pilot series of three further shows followed on a weekly basis.

Commenting on the launch of Ot-TV, John said,
“Such shows are commonplace in the USA, but 'public service broadcasting' is only just getting going over here. I have always been keen on exploring new ways of getting the music across to people, and this seems to be an excellent and exciting way of showcasing the band and myself on the small screen.

“With limited audiences for most of the programming that goes out on Channel 687, we could well top the ratings pretty quickly,” added Otway, who is now getting used to chart success!

Now that the pilot series has aired, I hope to add clips from them to this site. If you want to see the whole series, get along to a gig and buy a copy of the video or DVD.

The Cube Revisited If you missed it, get yourself to a gig and buy a video or DVD. Clips will be appearing in the Otway Cinema from time to time. Watch this space.

Official Fan Club
The Official John Otway fan club has a couple of newsgroups hosted by Yahoo. One is exclusively for Otway related posts, the other is much less strict and has many and varied topics of conversation.

To join the exclusively Otway group, send an email to for an invitation to join or Click here to subscribe to the general Otway group

Listen to Otway
and the Big Band on BBC Radio 6 Dream Ticket. The program is no longer available from the BBC archive, so I have uploaded the Otway part of the show as Real Audio here.

Otway on Resonance FM. Our hero appeared on DeXter Bentley's Hello Goodbye Show. The recording is 55 minutes long and includes some rare material and some done live on air. In the show John talks about his career, from the early years including the hits and the flops, it even mentions the forthcoming World Tour.
The show was originally available from the ResonanceFM archive, but has now been pruned to make way for more recent shows. I have their permission to host it here for your listening pleasure. Thanks go to ResonanceFM for their help and cooperation. The show is copyright ResonanceFM and must not be reproduced without their permission.